Talent Exchange

Talent Exchange – A global initiative within Russia and the World

We aim to provide a platform for musicians and students within Russia to showcase their talents on an international arena, whilst importing the expertise from abroad

This is an overall and a broad international collaboration which occurs during the process of media production and public relations training. Russia has a significant number of talent individuals and groups who are unable to afford international exposure to the public. As a startup, we hope to provide them a platform for showcasing their talents to a broader audience and viz-a-viz importing professional expertise in cultural aspects for them to perform within Russia itself.

As a recent example, we have collaborated with Peer Music United Kingdom and Universal Music Group, to bring popular songs such as : You Raise Me Up to Russia. This not only involved securing copyrights and translation, but also educating and training of Russian musicians to perform the song in Moscow. By doing so, we imported popular songs to Russia and expanded its horizons. Similarly, we aim to conduct a similar approach in our Public Relations training and media production services.