Creating a cultural bridge between Russia and the World

Combined output of Public Relations, media production and global talent leading to creation of cultural events for the public

Easter Friendship Concert

On 22nd April 2017: Easter Friendship is a first-of-its-kind global initiative, launched by JLP Russia to promote friendship, hope, love and peace between Russia and The West; as both Catholic and Orthodox Easters celebrate on the same day i.e. 16th April 2017. The four areas of interest outlined above, is of significant public interest, both within Russia and abroad, thereby providing an ideal opportunity for an international collaboration to occur. Several publishing houses within the US and UK have granted “gratis licence” on copyrights. Please click on the image to learn more about the event. 

Indian Russian Flashmob

A unique cultural exchange between India and Russia, through the power of flashmob. The primary objective of the flashmob was to convey solidarity, friendship and unity between two neighbors. Click on the image to learn about more the event.